10 Reason Why It's Awesome to Work With Me  



Like, I'm really strong. 😂 Jokes aside, I'm a pretty quick learner especially when it involves tech. Skip the Geek Squad and call me instead! 

When it comes to people, I pick up on other's work style and strengths. I can easily adjust how I should communicate and work with each individual. 

I respect you and your work

Everyone should be recognized for their efforts and successes. There's no reason to bring anyone down for a mistake. Recognize it and do better next time. 

works with urgency

Every task is important. I always have work with a sense of urgency because everything task is part of a bigger picture. 


There are moments when emotions can take over during a project especially a late one. I won't say all the time, but most of the time, I keep those emotions on check. There's no need to cause more stress no other people. 

rarely take days off

I show up when I'm needed and stay until I'm told to go home. When I do request for the time off, I like to use memes. Usually works! 

djay gravl

Feeling down? Need a spark of energy? I got the perfect song for you. If you don't like my style of music, don't worry I'll give yours a chance. 

Check out my Spotify playlists for a preview. My design anxiety kicked it one day, so I made covers for all my public playlist.

Just a message away

Email? Text? Call? I'll answer it even if I won't be able to assist or don't know the answer yet. Always.

Creative solutions

I always think out of the box when it comes to problem solving. I surprise myself with the ideas I come up with. 

  • A model can't fit the earbuds you're working with? Remove the ear tips and use gaffe tape.
  • Don't have the magazine in hand for a quick Instagram post? Use your iPad and set it to a image of the cover. Digital.
  • The warehouse forget to ship your tradeshow booth? Someone's 2 hour plane drive just turned into a 7 hour road trip. 


If you're 5 minutes early, you're late! If I'm running late, I always send a message/call. My parents taught me that no one should never let someone wait for you. Time is precious. I'm also realistic with time frames. There's no reason to say I'll get something done if I know I won't achieve it. 

no one above a task

I'm a firm believer in this. Marketing Manager? Graphic Designer? Intern? Doesn't matter what title you have when a different department needs help, BE THERE. Even if it means assembling 1000+ displays for a major distribution. Been there, done that.